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Elana Champion of Lust Elana Champion of Lust

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

VERY neat game idea. I like!
Now, I'm completely behind the idea of reviving the passion of a people, even through sexual feelings.. a worthy cause really.. but it doesn't *have* to be so crude and lewd. I LOVE erotic things, but I dunno, constantly saying "cunt" on default, along with some other choice words, it kinda makes passion baser than it really is. Passion and lust don't have to be.. well, like that. Like say if *I* were writing this, I wouldn't say "Oh my cunt~". Probably just "Ohh, my.." and let the visuals speak for themselves. Just as effective without being lewd. (The difference between a naked webcam pic and a tasteful nude portrait, ya know?)
I still very much loved that ritual scene (lol, it was funny too), and I like this game idea, and can see great things for it.. I just hope it's not just another base thing for neanderthals to beat off to. By that I mean *please* don't make it just for the male gaze, keep the passion and lust equal, and keep a certain level of taste to it, please.
Oh, speaking of.. ^_^ I wish I could find that spirit in my environment. He'd find in me a very devoted champion~<3

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knotgames responds:

Thanks for your advice. We had a little problem with the language but we are fixing it. About how the game will be, first we will focus on make a playable structure and piecemal add more plot until the game can be enjoyed in more than one way (we'll try).
Thanks for the review!

Vore Game Commission Vore Game Commission

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well, this was odd and not really my cup of tea, but it had some neat points! For one, don't misunderstand ^_^ I do like a little vore here and there, so it was nice to see one on Newgrounds, so thanks for that. (Though, I prefer the sort shared with a bigger creature and a human.) Also, I don't care for girl-on-girl, at all, BUT I liked the creativity of one getting the chance to eat out the other WHILE eating her. ^_^ Would've liked to be in that Naga's place personally (with a male creature though).
Anyways, can't criticize the content/story, because this was thought up by your patron, not you. So, nice creation of a flash and neat way to program in all those different styles of gameplay. Nicely drawn faces, but body anatomy is positioned and composed a little too awkward for me to praise the artwork. In the end, neat flash~

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Project &amp;quot;Zero&amp;quot;- Awakening Project "Zero"- Awakening

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bad Ending?? ^w< Being spit-roasted by those monsters was a super hot awesome ending if you ask me~<3
(Made up for the blatant use of the "male gaze" in the beginning; if it weren't for that ending, I'd just leave a meh rating and go, but green double-penetration has earned a review <3)
Actually, now that I think about it, the ending I got would only be considered a bad ending by the male hero's point of view. 9w9 Who's to say the girl doesn't enjoy it? (I know I did~) She wasn't shown to be horribly hurt or scared; clueless if anything.
Right, review of the game. Multiple endings are always a plus to me; the hero & girly were nice (so far in my one playthru); art was alright; all in all a nice attempt, but I don't think it was meant for me. If what I got was the bad ending, and I liked it, I don't think I need to play anymore, lest the rest is just disappointment... unless there's another bad ending I can enjoy??<3<3<3
(And it's fine that it's a demo; don't sweat the haters ^7^ Take pride in your work~!)

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Fuck Town: Pretty Guest Fuck Town: Pretty Guest

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Only thing that irks me with this game is the poor art.
I mean, yes, the girl and the massaging, are both very realistic. The shallow types of guys might not care for her having realistic proportions, or for the finicky order of massaging, but you know what? They were both realistic, and you get all my kudos for that. (Seriously guys, a massage goes a long way, especially if done right; warms up our engines. Finally getting some sweet in-game fingering was a sweet delight for me <3 *bites her lip, wishing she could feel some masculine fingers sliding into her lips right now.. of her mouth, of course*)
BUT, that bad thing I mention?? Big or not, but the style the girl's drawn in doesn't do her any favors. So very poorly. (Not to mention the position you had her in for the massage? The hell??) The guy doesn't luck out either; what's with those tiny TINY balls?? 83 Pffbbhhttt XD BWAHAHAHA!!
The sex scenes were so-so, the art didn't help the mood too much, and the sounds were repetitive. I had more fun with the massage, really. I'm glad I tried this game out, though. Might even come again~<3

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deedlit gangbang deedlit gangbang

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely animated and positioned~!
A little variety to her audio or different angle for the next round of gents might have helped o^^o but eitherway it was still very enjoyable~
<3 ..evil elf gangbang .. how I'd love it.. <3

Rock Candy [Onihole] Rock Candy [Onihole]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Being bound into an everlasting tentacle cumfest.. Some girls have all the luck. What I'd give to be in her place. X3 I don't even mind the bulging belly; just to be penetrated into and filled up over and over.. My only prob?? .. I'd be begging for at least just one of them to take my p*ssy! Plz for the love of God! (..That'd make it quadruple penetration.. *lustful shudder*)
^^ Oh well, at least I'll be cumming all the while too. Wonderful animation and sound; a newfound fave~<3

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Rock-Candy responds:

No no, all tentacles goes into the butt.

Crash Landing Part 2 Crash Landing Part 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What I'd give to be in her place. ^^ Taking it upon myself to please a crash-landed alien, taking it in deep and full, hard and strong~<3
Whereas the first episode was short and really only for the male gaze, this one gives a whole lot more for we female viewers to enjoy too. Loved the steps you took into making this as satisfying as it was, taking time in between to show all those sweet stages of prodding and penetration.
<3 I live for that moment when he finally pops in.. *squeezes thighs together tight* God just thinking of it... <3
Well done!

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Hentai Kerrigan HOTS Hentai Kerrigan HOTS

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh my goodness... *clenches thighs together* That was so hot. A bit stiff when it came to sound, but everything else was superb; beautiful art, tastefully erotic, and so goddamn hot~
Especially... *notices something* Hm, what does this Manual/Auto thing do? ...
*moments later*
OMG!! Mmmm that was SOOO hot I don't believe it~ *thighs clenching tighter*
I forgot to mention, my absolute favorite thing that made this hot? ^^ Not just the attentive-to-location cum shots, but particularly the accurate pumping of the *ahem* cock~ Ohhhh god, that was hot. ^_^ You and this flash deserve every 5-star rating~!!!

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Depict1 Depict1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was awesome~
^^ Loved the writing of the enemy all throughout. 0w0 So.. safe... >w< Creepy~!

It ddn't take long to realize I had to do (MOST OF THE TIME) the opposite of what he told me, and I even felt like this was somewhat mimicking the first Portal... but then you hooked me in. ^_^ Awesome game, nice sounds and look and feel, not to mention puzzles and gameplay, and I'd love to play it again and again~<3<3<3

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MLP: AJ POV Hentai MLP: AJ POV Hentai

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

^_^ I liked your Rarity and Twilight hentai games; you do pretty good and creative flashes, good sir. (Commissions, huh?) And now 2 Applejack revamps...

Well, this has it's ups and downs.
Good changes = Mmmm YES! Finally, some vaginal penetration <3
Bad changes = Not one single moan or grunt from AJ? Couldn't find any good ones? That's a shame~ (and that loud theme)

Other comments I have is that the music seems to be much louder than the moaning/squishing, and while we can choose SFX alone in the first one, we can't seem to do that with this. :'(
Favorite thing? ^w^ Hee, AJ's expression. Dunno if it's better or worse than Twilight's worried face, but it's entertaining ^^ She's not worried one bit, heeheehee~! (Go you, yay~)