All I want for Christmas are SOULS~!!! (lol)

2016-12-26 22:11:45 by Cyber-B

Seasons greetings everyone~! ^_^ I dearly wish you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, and for those still going, well-wishes to yourses too <3 

While hectic, I was able to have a sweet Christmas myself. My military sisters were able to join us at the family home, we got to take professional photos with my infant niece, and while we directed all our gift-giving to her, I still managed to receive a special gift or two of my own. The grand one I'm sharing with you today?

From my longtime friend Phantasm, I got Dark Souls 2 on Steam~!  (Thaaanks! >w<)

The Dark Souls series was one I'd been wanting to get into for a long while. Why? Well ^^ at first, it was because it's a game where you can create your own character and play as a chick. Those games are always a win with me. (I like to play as myself in games, what can I say~) And why afterwards, besides its cool dark overtones? I mainly wanted to experience the game series because I had an idea. I got this interesting idea of aaa spin-off, or variation, of the game. One that was Silent Hill themed, and would take place in the titular town. (You know me~) I had plenty of ideas, but I also wanted to be accurate and be sure I was merging the two titles correctly, and efficiently. I needed to play for fun, and for research <3 (Speaking of, my working title is "Alessa's Souls", but "Silent Souls" would probably be best~)

Eh, if that ever becomes something more than an idea, I'll share.
But what am I going to share now? ^w^ My gift to you: a silly little video of me playing Dark Souls.

Yeah, nearly 2 years ago, I got my hands on the game and started to play. It's silly, as I'm mellow and keeping my volume down to not disturb my roommate (it was late night), and using my cell phone to film, and because of my staunch stance on playing as a pacifist. Again, it's silly >w< but it's genuine. From me to you~
(And hey! If you never had a chance to hear me talk, well, maybe you'll find it a delight to hear yours truly mutter about my in-game morals against attacking non-hostile targets, lol. Also, I'm playing as a cleric and named myself after my Silent Hill persona: Beata)


Special shoutouts to my dear friends Phantasm13, Crazyewolf, HeavyTank, the lovely Rollu, and to my latest friends and fans~! <3<3<3 You all thoroughly roxors my soxors and I don't deserve you at all, as I'm always too busy to respond to you or treat you with art posts. Thank you all~ Hugs and kisses <3<3<3 

Ah, and to GodHero. Your empty threat to find me through the FBI didn't scare me in the slightest, nor will any other "threat" or insult you direct at me. I appreciate your much kinder Christmas wishes though. Happy Holidays to you too~

XD Happy New Year!!


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2016-12-27 22:34:45

And a Happy New Year to you! I'm so happy that you got to spend time with your family and new baby niece. That's the whole reason for the season, right? Spending time with those we love.

I'm also happy that you like my gift. *Blush* I hope that further adventures in the Dark Souls universe inspires you to create more. ^-^ who knows, maybe you'll share your new story with us once it's ready? ;P

Happy Holidays!


2017-04-18 01:00:25

omg!! it's been so long Cyber!! i miss you lots. man, how long have i been away from NG?

I'm really glad it all worked well to you. you deserve it after all. it's always nice to have a family time everynow and then. btw ican't wait to see more of your art work as they become reaady!!

i hope you're still doing ok. i kinda missed this post since i was away but i also hope to hear from you soon. it's been ages since we talked! but hey, don't ever forget how amazing you are!!

Phantasm, you're cool too man! good job!

Wish you the best life can offer!


Cyber-B responds:

Oh, I know it, Crazyewolf. ^^ I miss you too, Wolfy.
It's alright; we've both been away a long time.
^_^ Thank you for your kind words; you've always been a highlight to my inbox. I hope I can get back to you soon too, and make a proper post too. Sweet wishes to you too, Wolfy~!