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In Irma's path

2017-09-09 09:24:06 by Cyber-B

Greetings everyone. It's me, CyberB~ 
I know; it's been a long time.

I just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm alive, in Brandon (a city near Tampa), and in the path of the approaching hurricane Irma. Depending on its strength, my family and I will either wait it out, or flee to my step-grandma's home by the east coast.

Aside from that, I also needed to share something with you.
I never stopped arting.
I know I haven't uploaded or posted anything here for too long, but I never stopped caring and wanting to share what I've been creating. (The only arts I really completed all this time were a couple of digital sketch commissions IRL.)
If not making incomplete digital sketches, I was making a looot of incomplete pen doodles. Pen sketches of characters, game ideas, etc, but hardly complete.  ^^  When you're working full-time at an office and have a pen & pad available, that's what makes it out.
But what I've always had trouble doing is finishing my art, as you know all too well, because of my perfectionistic procrastination. I want it to look just right; even if it's the digital sketch, before I get to outlining, even then I go into detail and keep meticulously redoing lines as though it's supposed to be the finished project itself, and my progress suffers for it.
But I never stopped thinking of my characters and more scenarios for them and how I'd love for you to see them in their finished perfection.

Since things are as they are, though, I thought- why not just show you these sketches today.
Sketches of a personal project of this year; to present the two sides of my art, TOGETHER, my two main FCs-
both appear like me (in different times of my life) and are the stars of their respective parts in my creative life-
Princess Boo B, princess by title -and- Beata, priestess in training.
One designed originally for Super Mario games, the other originally by the Silent Hill series
Boo B the brighter side of my art, Beata the darker side of my art
(You guys here have mostly seen Beata, and some of Boo B in both cute and sexy lights, but that's what the point of this art project is; to introduce both to all in a neutral equal way)

Here you see the two pen doodles that came out when I started thinking up this idea.
171887_150496344693_img_20170114_192855526_by_cyberb-dbmuoz3.jpg 171887_150496344532_img_20170114_192832966_by_cyberb-dbmuoyx.jpg

In my first idea for the sketch, I thought of it in banner dimensions, focusing on their faces, with their distinct sashes curling behind them. (This may still come out with the finished product; maybe to be a header to my galleries, or a banner for my forum signatures.)

Then, I realized I wanted to present them wholly, rather than just their faces, because that'd kinda go against the point of introducing them. So, I doodled the general posing, having them mirror each other, showing right away even more of their similarities; chiefly, that they both float~ Also, we see more of their differences, mostly about the location of their sashes. Boo B's sash loops around her arms and usually rests behind her shoulders; Beata's sash(es) loop around her legs and bind in a bow around her ankles. Either way, their designs work great together as both promise to show my favorite motif in my art- whimsical flowing lines<3

^3^  I do love how their designs managed to be both similar and contrasting in that way~


And here's the digital sketch that emerged from my concept. (pic taken in April)
Has it progressed since then? Yes, but I'm unsure if I should start outlining. Again, that perfectionist in me wants the "rough" sketch to be complete before I make with lining.
>w< Darn me.
^w^ But, I still wanted to share, and I dearly hope that not only does it bring you delight, but it also helps you keep faith in me. I'm so SO sorry for not giving you art all the time, and I hope you'll believe that some day I will.

If the hurricane doesn't wash me and my art to sea, anyway  ^^;  

For my fellow people in danger of Irma; keep faith and stay safe. We're all in this together. And for everyone in general, much love to you. Love and blessings to you all~<3 *huggle* I'll be keeping you near and dear to my heart, like I always have<3


All I want for Christmas are SOULS~!!! (lol)

2016-12-26 22:11:45 by Cyber-B

Seasons greetings everyone~! ^_^ I dearly wish you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, and for those still going, well-wishes to yourses too <3 

While hectic, I was able to have a sweet Christmas myself. My military sisters were able to join us at the family home, we got to take professional photos with my infant niece, and while we directed all our gift-giving to her, I still managed to receive a special gift or two of my own. The grand one I'm sharing with you today?

From my longtime friend Phantasm, I got Dark Souls 2 on Steam~!  (Thaaanks! >w<)

The Dark Souls series was one I'd been wanting to get into for a long while. Why? Well ^^ at first, it was because it's a game where you can create your own character and play as a chick. Those games are always a win with me. (I like to play as myself in games, what can I say~) And why afterwards, besides its cool dark overtones? I mainly wanted to experience the game series because I had an idea. I got this interesting idea of aaa spin-off, or variation, of the game. One that was Silent Hill themed, and would take place in the titular town. (You know me~) I had plenty of ideas, but I also wanted to be accurate and be sure I was merging the two titles correctly, and efficiently. I needed to play for fun, and for research <3 (Speaking of, my working title is "Alessa's Souls", but "Silent Souls" would probably be best~)

Eh, if that ever becomes something more than an idea, I'll share.
But what am I going to share now? ^w^ My gift to you: a silly little video of me playing Dark Souls.

Yeah, nearly 2 years ago, I got my hands on the game and started to play. It's silly, as I'm mellow and keeping my volume down to not disturb my roommate (it was late night), and using my cell phone to film, and because of my staunch stance on playing as a pacifist. Again, it's silly >w< but it's genuine. From me to you~
(And hey! If you never had a chance to hear me talk, well, maybe you'll find it a delight to hear yours truly mutter about my in-game morals against attacking non-hostile targets, lol. Also, I'm playing as a cleric and named myself after my Silent Hill persona: Beata)


Special shoutouts to my dear friends Phantasm13, Crazyewolf, HeavyTank, the lovely Rollu, and to my latest friends and fans~! <3<3<3 You all thoroughly roxors my soxors and I don't deserve you at all, as I'm always too busy to respond to you or treat you with art posts. Thank you all~ Hugs and kisses <3<3<3 

Ah, and to GodHero. Your empty threat to find me through the FBI didn't scare me in the slightest, nor will any other "threat" or insult you direct at me. I appreciate your much kinder Christmas wishes though. Happy Holidays to you too~

XD Happy New Year!!

Thank you for the 100 Fans!

2016-10-13 00:47:19 by Cyber-B

Greetings from Tampa, Florida! ^-^
For those who have missed me, I'm so very sorry.
For those who were worried about me and the hurricane, I'm perfectly fine, thank goodness.
And for all of you..


Yes, this was a long time coming post, but hey, it took a pretty long time to make it to 100 fans, so I guess it evens out. >w< Hee hee, naw-but-rly~ Thank you all for following my blogs and enjoying my cutesy or mature drawings!

So, have I been busy all this time? Well of course, ^7^ but thankfully, along with work, I've also been doodling up some sketches to my projects that I think you will enjoy. Here's some sneak previews!  

My "Poké Me" series  (lol, dat title)

Long before PokémonGo, I had some NSFW Pokémon sketches. As you might've known, I was doodling quite an expressive comic of how I train Magikarps into fierce and loyal Gyaradoses. Course then I lost it to a horrible computer crash, and my morale was shot. Years later, I would be inspired by Pokémon X to sketch again, but of myself with later generation Pokémon. Ever since my earlier loss, I guess I just wasn't inspired to draw any original generation ones again. Then PokémonGo came along~
A couple of ideas came up sure; older ones rekindled and newer ones discovered; for Pokémon I always loved, and some I never would've thought of. So! I've got myself quite an assortment of doodles that I can share with you in the future. That is, if you would like to see them~
But if anything, I owe my dear Squirtle a special sketch. His will be an official Art Submission. After all, you never forget your first~

My "Making Love with Silent Hill Monsters" series!

Yes, I have 3 more sketches from this long-running series to share. A couple which I hinted at before and are to continue the story of Beata. And the other? Well, I never ever intended to draw Beata with it, because of its too-dark nature, but then my mind went a-wandering.. and while it doesn't feature in her story, it would surprisingly tie-in well with her story's tones of.. one-sided love.

Finally, something I promised for reaching 100 fans...

Real Life piccies of Me, CyberB. 

Yes, that's me! Sure, you've seen me in my profile picture, but that's really the only picture you've seen, and that was from years ago. While many features of mine stayed the same through the years, a lot has changed throughout too. ^_^ So, just sharing a very real side of me.
(I bet you half of the "hot girl" accounts you're fans of would never post their actual pictures up~)

But I always liked the one I chose as my profile picture, which is why I never changed it. It just always received more mixed responses. Am I smiling? Frowning? Being seductive? Expressing sadness? Everyone has guessed one of these and more, and I like that variety~

Well! ^_^ I hope you appreciated the glimpses and revelations I shared here. I know I have another special "100 Fans" gift planned to share, but I'm also looking forward to reaching the next milestone: 150 fans! ^_^
(Ooh, maybe then I could do a quick webcam video clip!)

I can never thank you all enough, but <3 Thank you all, fans new and old, and take care out there, everyone~

It's been a long time, hasn't it?

Okay, I have to admit something. See, here's an issue I have; Perfectionistic Procrastination.
That is, if I don't feel I can complete something in that perfect way I imagined, I'll set it on the backburner until I feel I can. Oh the many projects I have back there~~~ And let me tell you, I think up SO MANY FREAKING THINGS, I just can't keep up, and sometimes I just dream too big! Le sigh~

Grr, and it was my New Year's resolution to let go of that hesitation of mine, and just finish art and share it as is. I did a bit of that here and there, but not on my NG account. And I'm sorry about that. I just care too much about getting my expressions out clear and giving it to you in good quality.

So! Here, I'm sharing with you today my sketchy attempts at a new entry for my 'Making Love With Silent Hill Monsters' series (and hopefully, it offers a peek into my creative process).

This split-faced monster who is tearing me apart; The Schism.
(from Silent Hill Homecoming)


What's hilarious is that this monster isn't key to Beata's storyline in my Silent Hill story, nor is he the most attractive monster to me, and yet he's been giving me all this fuss in trying to draw their encounter perfectly for more than a year! But ya know why? It's just because.. this monster has such an interesting design! 

Seriously, I can't say it enough; SH Homecoming had wonderful monster designs! You've seen me gush about the Needler, and analyze the Lurker, and even praised & defended Homecoming's Pyramid Head; but now, it's time for The Schism.
He's a creature who looks like a mix between a hammerhead shark and a pendulum blade, on top of a lean deformed male body. Furthermore, its head is split up the middle, in a vertical slit of a mouth, full of fangs and a long tongue. The symbolism behind this design mostly revolves around duality, or being of two minds, and yes, that does fit perfectly with the game's hidden theme. A theme of secrets and seperations, and being two-faced and even sort of hidden/split personalities. The Schism can certainly apply to several characters in the game, and even the town/cult, but especially Adam Shephard. (Actually, 4 of them are used to represent the Shephard Family in the Hell House level!). Even more interesting, you see how the face is split up in the perfect center? So you'd think its face is symmetrical. Actually no. The right half-blade is actually bigger and more curved. Okay, that one's easy to miss (even I did), but did you catch its right arm?? (Check out this model picture here)

The Schism's right arm is double jointed, or double-elbowed. And its hand is backwards, and more like a claw.
(More symbolism of its dual yet asymmetrical nature, whee!)
It certainly can add something to our interactions.That extra reach, the way he can just wrap that one arm entirely around me.. or like in drawing IV, he can touch or cover certain parts of me. (As thanks for covering him up, which I'll get to later.) I actually really like the poses of drawings II and III. It's more like an embrace. A dance. And I'm entirely swept up by his abnormal grasp and at his mercy. No really. I am. You did notice that blade, right? In game, that thing can instantly kill you if you fail the quick-time event to escape its hold; slicing you right in half! (GORY, btw)
It also reminds many gamers of the pendulum, the torture device which was used to evoke confessions from prisoners, torturing them with its looming swinging and promise of a gruesome death.

With that in mind, why would I feel drawn to the Schism? Well, not just for its monstrous side, but the man hidden inside. As mentioned, it has the body of a man, albeit pale, and deformed. While its form is slender, and its vagina-dentata mouth can symbolise gynophobia, but I still am entranced by its glimpses of masculinity.. and the fact that it has a certain key part, which all men have.... That's right, my fetish of penis worship (my fans know this about me by now) came into play here. But! Here's the strange thing. Unlike the Needler, he *does* seem to have male genitalia.. but for some reason, it's blocked off. Literally blacked out.


As you see in the image above, and this, his privates seem to be naturally censored out by a black box. Some say that maybe his area's really hairy. Some say that it's actually a split open women part. Some swear they've seen it dangle. But I stand by a couple of things; it looks solid, and in some pictures, you can see that it does stick out/off of the body. So it's not hair, and it's not a lady part. I go more for the idea some have agreed on, that his crotch is being covered/shielded/sheathed by either a black box or a metal covering.
Well~ Despite that boundry, my curiousity is piqued. As you might have noticed in my drawings I and IV, I'm interested in finding out for myself what lies underneath; and you know that if I find what I like, I'll be sure to soothe him in my very special way, so that his little covering won't be able to conceal his hidden flesh any more, and he can split me in his *own* special way~~~

So, what do you think of my MLWSHM Schism sketches? (^^;; Forgive that they're just mere simple pencil sketches, but hey, you should know that all my pre vious ones came from pencil sketches too.) Like what they're showing so far? They show not so much the "Making Love" part, I know, but more of before it; the submission, the interaction, the coming together of the two..
(Hmm.. Confessions.. Duality.. Would Beata have anything to confess? And with its dual nature, could the Schism also apply to her as much as Pyramid and Valtiel have?? .. Actually, the Schism could possibly be summoned by Beata after all!)

What do you think? Should I give the Schism an official MLWSHM sketch like the others? Should I use one of the sketched poses above, or create a new one? Hell, just reviewing these sketches made more ideas come to mind. Maybe I should do a pose that combines them all? Well, I'll surely make my own choice, but perhaps you guys have a thought to share about this. Which one(s) do you like more? Do any of them confuse you? Ask ^^ and I'll happily explain. (I've already typed up so much, I just can't explain them more here~)

To all my fans ^_^ Thank you so much for your following, and I hope you not only liked this post and its artwork, but that you have a lovely week~! ((Take care now!! <3))

My Deep Love - Happy V-Day Crazyewolf!

2016-02-15 23:57:43 by Cyber-B

This is a Valentine's Day gift to my dear friend Crazyewolf, who spoke with me long ago about my expression of love in my art and blogs, and made quite the suposition; that I was a succubus. Don't worry; it wasn't an insult, and no offense was taken. I gave him a general response, but promised a more detailed explanation. So finally, I give my answer as to why I disagree. Join us, will you? ^_^ and you'll get to learn a bit about me, and the way I love~

So, could I be a succubus?


A What Now??

A succubus; we all know what that is. A female demon, usually very attractive, who preys on and seduces men to drain their souls with aggressive sexual activity. Sucks 'em dry, to put it curtly. They're predators, parasites; feeding off men.. and as sexually appealing and accommodating as they might be (to weak one-track-minded men who damn the consequences).. I have to disagree with any ideas that I am one~

Why Could I Not Be a Succubus?


Well, apart from the obvious fact that I'm not a demon, let's look at a Succubus's traits that I don't share~
Quite frankly, I'm not out to seduce men. I don't care for short-term hook-ups or one-night stands or the "casual" scene. I have absolutely no wish to devour a love interest, or use them up in any way for my own gain and his complete loss. It's.. malicious, sadistic, evil.. and I just could never do it.


Why the Confusion?


Why might someone confuse me with a Succubus? Well...
Succubi are very manipulative. They need to be in order to keep their prey under their control. Thanks to my personality, I have my special standards and preferences, and I can enforce them pretty strictly. I reserve myself heavily, and am very selective of my possible loves, and when I do let someone into my presence, even then I have strict guidelines that they must adhere to. This also requires some.. training. Control~ Not to mention, I can sometimes be very persuasive, and I'm told that I can be very charming.
Again, I don't use these to control men like a Succubus would do so gleefully. There's no malice in how I handle my love(s); promise~


Maybe it's my sensuality and devotion to the pleasure of my love(s). Well, here's a big difference; the erotic things you see me post here aren't shared to entrap men, but simply to express myself. (My true fans know I don't care for the male gaze or fan service.) I have my thoughts, and I manifest them either through erotic drawings or stories, wishing to express my feelings. It's a creative release~ And when my friends or fans let me know that they can feel the pleasure behind my works, I'm just the happiest artist you could ever meet.
There are enough females among Newgrounds who play it sexy and post pictures to rack up fans; that's not why I share my sensuality. I just.. am~

So Then, What Am I???


I like to think of myself more like.. a Mermaid.

171887_145559271672_BrowserPreview_tmp4.gif 171887_145559278532_BrowserPreview_tmp0.gif 171887_145559283131_BrowserPreview_tmp8.gif

Mermaids can be entrancing, they can be sensual; but they're not inherently evil like a Succubus is.
(Also, they're really only graceful in their element, and it's hard for humans to get them as they live in their own world)
(( story of my life ))

As told in sailor's stories, more often than not, Mermaids can prevent or give warning to disaster with their precognition, and were also known for rescuing poor souls who fell overboard. Enlightening and nurturing.. like I tend to be. ^^ Yes, as controlling as I can be, and as sensual as I can be, I use these traits to be more.. loving, guiding, and comforting <3<3<3


Can mermaids go dark? Can they be dangerous? Oh yes, of course they can. Some use their lovely songs and looks to charm humans to their doom, be it through drowning or shipwreck. Like with humans, there can be bad ones, and there can be good ones.


Additionally, Mermaids are a little.. possessive.. and that may be the trait I mostly share with a Succubus, leading to the confusion. 

171887_145559445393_BrowserPreview_tmp9.gif 171887_145559604951_BrowserPreview_tmp5.gif

However, I would never want to be so possessive to the point of harming my love, or devoiding him of his life or what he holds precious. But once my love is mine, I like to keep him mine. (same sometimes happens with fans, sorry.) Oh, but make no mistake; my form of love isn't one-sided. My perfect love will be just as possessed by me as I would be by him. I want every square inch of his body to be mine, and I want every square inch of mine to be his. His pleasure is my pleasure, and vice versa.. ^-^ but you guys know that already, don'tcha~?
Everything we do together, pain or pleasure or peace, should be shared with each other entirely, and only each other~ <3


Some might find that a bit dark, but I like to think of it more as deep. I haven't quite gotten to achieve this perfect love yet; my past loves not being able to match me in devotion. Thankfully, most of us have ended on good terms. (A past friend of mine even got me chocolates this year despite us not being together anymore.) Others who just don't get it leave bitter. *Sigh* Maybe some day~
You know what, though? There was a time I did fear I was something of a Succubus, or what I thought of more as an Emotional Vampire of sorts. Why? Well, because I tended to date weaker guys, and my love would overpower them, and it would seem like they were drained afterwards, and oh, I kicked myself for it. (Also, as was often the case, my giving personality meant I gave alot and they took a lot, but I received nothing in return. Those relationships sucked.) But I've since come to realize how deep I love, and how magical it really is. So I am selective of whom I actually pursue a relationship with. For both our sakes~

Interesting tidbit; in the image above, the evil mermaid shows her possessiveness by holding her dead love's disembodied head. ^w^ I've realized that I've done a couple of similar artworks like this- (my No More Sunshine one for example) -and one of my favorite music videos has this visual as well.. by the way, the song is also called "Possession".

Oh dear, I'm not helping my case here, huh?


Rest assured >w< I have no desire to behead my loves. I find a person's face & head to be the most identifying and meaningful piece of a person, and anything gruesome happening to either of those are the things of my nightmares. Though I suppose, if my love were to lose his head, I suppose the only thing left I could do to comfort him then *would* be to hold them against my bosom, close to my still beating heart, forever and ever~~~

... oh, for--

Don't worry your pretty little head anymore, dearest fans and beloved Wolfy. I'm not a Succubus. I'm a Mermaid.
You will survive.. most likely~


(~most likely cause of passing would be drowning.. so bring scuba gear LOL~)


Mermaid images are from Petshop of Horrors anime and manga, episode "Delicious"

Catching Up with Cyber-B ~

2016-01-24 01:59:17 by Cyber-B

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everybody!

I know I know. "Forgive me for my silence, or absence, or delay" right? Believe me, I meant to post a blog every weekend, but found myself being too busy to make any of them. So, rather than having more ideas clump up until I can't plan ahead clearly, I'm just going to spout it all here and now, then we can move on with our lives. Kay? Kay~

So, what's been on my mind these several weeks? Well ^7^ Let's see, shall we~?


** Saw the Star Wars Movie! - (Dec 18th) **

On that Sunday, my parents and I went and saw the new Star Wars movie ^7^ and my inner-Star Wars fan was just ecstatic, thinking to playing my old Star Wars games again, and made me have a trip down memory lane as I thought about my longtime Star Wars OC.. Mor'Be Kartur~
... Oh, what did I think of the movie? It was good. Really good~

Mor'Be~ Quite possibly my oldest OC/FC, being roughly created back in maybe 1996, created out of my love for the original trilogy, especially Return of the Jedi. Mor'Be and herstory would change a bit through the years of movies, and games, but these facts were solid: She was a green-ish Twi'lek who had some Force sensitivity but would first have to live the life of a servant and performer before she would be discovered by both sides of the Force; her choices would be her own.^_^ Yea, this character carried me through artworks, roleplays, RPGs, IMVU, and especially onward to my anticipation of playing a Consular in Star Wars Old Republic~
171887_145359679162_TwilekdollsbyMe.png 171887_145359681353_60685269347077e153f5b1.jpg 171887_145359683441_473112585470a3a8d07dbc.png 171887_145359685211_715423006470780111f05e.png 171887_145360876152_morincswimheadtails.jpg 171887_145360880143_morbio.jpg 171887_145360403671_twine.png 171887_145360911793_morbeandoriadne.png 171887_145360915252_morpossiblecompanions.jpg 171887_145360917033_moramanincompanion.jpg 171887_145359694051_morbeswtorlegacy.jpg ... When I finally got to play SWTOR, it ws a dream come true~<3 (Sadly I couldn't make her have an Amanin companion or look exactly like I imagined, but it was still so perfectly awesome!)
((Oh man! I had a few ero-sketches of her, and ideas; curse my pervy creative perfectionist procrastinating mind!))  

In fact, all this remembering of Mor'Be made me think to list all my other OCs. Don't worry, that won't be posted here. That will be on my DeviantArt blog. ^w^ I think sharing Mor'Be, Beata, my Fallout/Vault self, and especially Princess Boo B has been plenty for Newgrounds. Of course, though, you may also get glimpses of other ones if I upload any more erotic sketches starring them. Here's hoping! (Geez, my Fable 3 player character's drawings are long overdue~)

** Christmas Presents!! - (Dec 24-25) **

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season <3 and thank you to you dear friends who wished me a Merry Christmas! (<3) I got myself a handful of gifts ^_^ but I just wanted to show these two especially, as you know my affinity to the Super Mario-verse and the Silent Hill-verse.

A Bowser Jr. amiibo (I like to play as Iggy too! <3) 171887_145360389913_gifts-bowserjr.jpg
 171887_145360392331_gifts-shcards.jpg - Silent Hill Homecoming playing cards (Look! It's my love, the Needler <3) 
I just love these two games' series, and I know I still have a lot more fanart to make and finish of them. Thank you all for liking the ones I've done and for sticking with me for my next ones~
(Love you guys~! <3)

** The Loss of David Bowie & Alan Rickman - (Jan 11-14) **

You have no idea~!!! T-T I was so heartbroken, as both were beloved male celebrities/actors/artists in my life. I'm still not quite over it </3. I mean, you don't even know how much I loved Alan Rickman for so many years (as Snape and other roles), and same with David Bowie which experienced a revival when I discovered his character Lord Royal Highness (LRH). So, when these two passed, my week was completely devoid of morale. Mix that with the cold weather, and I could just stay buried in my bed for the rest of the week.. and I pretty much did.

171887_145361875522_tumblr_mjd726WNnG1qgufhgo1_400.gif 171887_145361875521_tumblr_ms5dfiDEi71su7sauo1_500.gif

And I got the bad news, both times, while on break at work! X3 I mean-  83.. Oh hey, speaking of that~

171887_145360386952_n.jpgGood-bye, my dear loves. You two moved me beyond words, and I'll try to move on. Now, on to happier news~

** Got Hired! Now for realsies! (Jan 18-22) **

Yups! Remember that seasonal job I've been on since moving to Tampa? Well ^^ Versus several other applicants, I made the cut and was offered a full-time permanent position. (Okay, not permanent, but you know what I mean~) 

Of course that means that now I'll no longer be working with my same crew, now going to another department. Sad, but not only did we all create so many memories, but we also ended the last day with fun times. ^_^ Getting out early and all having a sweet lunch outside. Hope we can stay in contact from now and have more friendly outings in the future.
171887_145361753952_workfriendsbw.jpg To commemorate our camaraderie, I got to digitally doodling a group picture. A drawing of me and my co-workers, on a ship. (yea, there's a plot to it, coming to comic stores never~) Wouldn't be my first time drawing myself with class/work mates. I guess I just love drawing my comrades. What can I say, I feel that everyone I encounter are just such characters~)
A pen doodle of university classmates -> 171887_145361760891_unifriendsqa.jpg (Guess who I am in both pics~)

** And we're done, and dealing with the now~ **

Other than all that, I've been playing Fallout 4 & OctoDad & Stanley Parable, watching all of GameGrumps' Sonic episodes, starting an awesome roleplay with a good friend, being whisked away to family events, helping my ex-roommate find a place to live, and trying to figure out what will I post when I get 100 fans, so I may best delight my fans, old and new~

Guys ^_^ Sincerely, you made 2015 awesome for me with all your support, and I hope to keep delighting you with this new year. Laters~!!! 

Sharing is Caring

2015-12-06 23:18:44 by Cyber-B

Boy, have I had reason to be thankful this season. Remember I mentioned looking for work after my big move to Tampa? Well ^_^ while temporary, I found myself work for the season, and better paying than the previous job that let me go. My new life in this new city is shaping up to be quite delightful. Just gotta keep working hard during the holidays~

Speaking of, here is my first gift of thanks I gave my dear friend and fan, Phantasm13! Hiring me a second time on Fiverr, for my sketching skills, he would receive this beauty.

( ~A Dragonball Z Xenoverse hentai sketch~ )

And now, here's the part where you can give thanks, but to him! With his permission, the uncensored version, which I had made only for his eyes, is available for viewing in my Art Gallery. Enjoy! ^_^

Oh, and more super great holiday news! ^_^ With the help of my step-daddums, I snagged a sweet deal to get a new console AND Fallout 4. Both are in the mail and on their way >w< and I can't wait!!!

No worries, I'm still having fun doodling and canoodling ideas for my Fallout Shelter life. From trying to be a good Vault Chaplain while dodging my Overseer's every attempt to breed me.. either by distracting him with myself or even with the aid of my lovely friend Rollu.. or by using my previously mentioned Charisma to talk my horny Vault-mates out of it...; to my secret expeditions into the Wasteland to find my own kind of loving from more.. ghoulish sources.

( ~Let's just say I keep a lot of Rad-Away handy~ )

As unsettling as that may be, I also have cleaner art in the works, showing my costumes and my Vault experiences; in real-life proportions *and* Pip-Boy Icons style. ((Geez, I just give myself so much art to do.. but I can't help it! I love it so~))

So, I have a new job, good friends, and my dream game coming soon; but you know what else I'm thankful for?
^_^ You guys, my dear fans, and I hope to keep sharing with you my art and blogs.
Take care now, and have a great week!

Gimme (Fallout) Shelter

2015-09-21 00:50:17 by Cyber-B

So, the latest news about me. What did I mean about having more time to devote to my art?
Well, dear friends. ^^ Unbeknownst to most of you, I was employed as a receptionist and graphic artist for a small company in South Florida. However, since it’s on its way down the drain, I found myself being let go. So! I’m moving up to Tampa area.

In the meantime, I was thinking to ask you dear fans.. would you ever consider hiring me on Fiverr?

Neat website; you hire people for a great variety in services for $5. I have a profile, as I’ve bought a couple of gigs from some people (musical and voice acting mostly), but never offered my own services. Whaddya think? You’ve seen my sketches; would you ever like to pay me $5 for a digital doodle of who/whatever you could want?

Well, until then, I’ll just make myself useful.. and play some Fallout Shelter!


I don’t remember if I ever revealed it to you guys, but I’m actually a huge Fallout series fan <3<3<3, loving the hell out of 2 and 3 particularly, and bringing my CyberB self both of those and into New Vegas more recently. And yes, I drew myself in scenarios and wrote up some pages of fiction back then, too. (The good, the bad, the ghoulish, and the sexy; actually, I mostly crushed on ghouls, so I put those two adjectives together. ^^ Only me, right?)


Either way, yes, big Fallout fan! So you can imagine my excitement at the announcement of Fallout 4, and my despair when Fallout Shelter wasn’t available for Android at launch. But! That’s a thing of the past ^w^ and I’ve got me some shelter~

 171887_144280767211_vertlove1.jpg 171887_144280769292_vertlove2.jpg  (Toasty!)

Ha yea >w< I’ve been pretty addicted to playing it in my off-time. And I’ve been doodling a bit about it lately, too.


The idea of my CyberB self living in this mobile-game Vault, serving its dwellers and Overseer with my skills, thanks to the SPECIAL stats I’ve accumulated through my previous little playthroughs.
The scenarios, the visuals, the servitude...
Then it got me thinking, alongside with my current situation.. maybe I could offer my services to a Vault as a special Fallout Shelter character!

Recruit and unlock me, CyberB!

My G.O.A.T. results assign me to be the Vault Chaplain because of my special Charisma and aptitude for Bartering & Diplomacy. I'm perceptive and sneaky enough to serve as a scout or sharpshooter. What I lack in strength, I make up with brains, my daddy educating me enough to be a capable medic or troubleshooter in repairs/electronics. And thanks to some divine intervention, I've been pretty lucky in my doings~

( ~Overseer's Pet ^_^ I wanna be Overseer's Pet~ )

Would you like to see more of my Fallout side? Have you played Fallout Shelter yourself??

Well, whether you'd like to hire me, or recruit me, or neither, I hope you enjoyed this silly post, but most importantly: ^_^ Have yourselves a great week!
Look forward to future art posts, and if you want anything specific, you know what to do~ ;3

( Leave a comment! \\(^7^)// Love ya's! )


Belle of the Brawl Contest Winners Announced!

2015-09-10 01:22:03 by Cyber-B

I made 2nd place, y'all~!

^_^ Wasn't easy either. I was actually locked in a Sudden Death vote with artist Pallypie.

Made me doodle this, inspired by it.

I wouldn't have minded at all losing to Pallypie, their art of their OC Princess Marzipan is just FLAWLESS! They would deserve the rank above me. But, thanks to a vote of 5 to 4, I just came out on top.

Now, we all here know of me and my entry, but here I'm giving props to the other two winners:

171887_144186148831_cssmash.jpg 171887_144186154281_psmash.jpg
1st Place went to CastleSass and 3rd Place goes to Pallypie!

These are AWESOME artists worthy of more love. ^_^ They've even drawn my Princess Boo B before too.

171887_144186252262_gift___blue_moon_maiden_by_castle_sass-d8y1f2n.png  171887_144186252121_mlg__princess_boo_b__contest_prize_by_prince_palladium-.png

So, if you've got a DeviantArt account, go and show them some love!

With the Autumn Contest now announced, maybe I can take a break from all this Princess art. ^w^ I'd rather enter the Winter Contest. And besides, there's so much more art to work on; revamping old drawings, continuing my ongoing series', and illustrating new concepts from me to you.

And let's just say, thanks to some recent events, I will have more time to.
^_^ Will explain in my next entry. Until then, love you all~!!

The Best (Odd) Fetish Ever!

2015-08-23 22:43:37 by Cyber-B

XD !!!

<3 I'm down <3


Sorry for the small post, but I just loved this so much and had to share.

^_^ Have a great week everybody~!