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To the unaware I appear as a nice-yet-hardcore gamer fangirl, but in truth, I've a secret agenda. I have a reputation of gaming, roleplaying, cybering, and drawing both cute & erotic art. *bow* I am programmed to serve and I aim to delight~

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My super apologies for my silence last Sunday, and my slacking in answering to private messages.

Reason? ^^ Well, apart from work and a funeral, I'm moving very soon. Not too far, no need to worry. Hee, besides, thankfully I can connect to Newgrounds wherever I go; and believe me, I want to. I would love to delight you all with my art, the tame and the mature; I've just been super busy packing up my things and reviewing old boxes and making sure I make the move as smoothly as possible~

Thankfully, I at least have a moment to enjoy the occasional game. No, not console games. Flash games ^_^ from good ol' Newgrounds.
These will be getting reviews soon, which if you follow me you'll see in your feed (and apparently my reviews are what my followers more often found me through) but allow me to write about them for you too, sharing my experiences.

I present to you these games that entertained me for the past 2 weeks ^_^ the cute, the addictive, and the hot <3


The Cute:

Heart Star - Unbelievably cute, clever, and fun <3

That's really all there is to say! ^7^ You play as a blue boy and a pink girl and help each other in solving puzzles. It really captivated me, taking all my attention to concentrate on how to finish certain levels. And I love the music during the normal gameplay! ^_^ Very Harvest Moon-esque~

I haven't beaten it yet, though. I hear from many that the ending is either awesome or adorable; I can't wait!!


The Addictive:

Lab of the Dead - Made me realize what I've always wanted; a zombie boytoy <3

Okay, maybe not so much a "boytoy" but.. I dunno! Okay ^^ see, point of the game is that you're a scientist meaning to experiment on the readily available horde of zombies. You select a specimen and use objects to research on them, documenting their reactions to different stimuli, ranging from passive to neutral to aggressive, and yielding results that can show traces of the presence or absence of humanity. Upon further research you learn that if certain factors are met, you make them have advanced reactions! Fancy that!

But now herein lies the thing; in the end, you ARE a scientist. That means you want every reaction with every object. That includes using items that can kill, or terminate, your subject. This.. didn't fly with me. Now, the game offers you a ready supply of zombies, male and female, with their own pasts and quirks; enough to excite any scientific mind. And while I was avidly curious, this game made it clear that I'm not scientist material. I chose the perfect specimen from the beginning - a blue male who loved animals - and I just.. did not want to kill him.

That's right, I grew attached to the specimen. X3 I couldn't help it! He was just so adorable!

I called him Zeke.

Of course this meant I had to go above and beyond to get other reactions out of him, even hurtful ones, in order to meet the research quota required for every level. I was terrified when I accidentally ripped off his jaw! ( It hurt me more than it hurt him~) But thankfully, Zeke was able to stay with me til the end..
Did I beat it? Oh.. yes, I did. Kind of.. bittersweet, or a downer, depending. I can't give it away.. In the end, so long as I have Zeke with me, who cares about anything??

This game gets all my praise. It captured my attention, kept it, and was open enough that my special kind of playthrough was able to happen <3

(As for the sequel, Range of the Dead, eh, it was alright. I mean, I love sniping, but it didn't snag me like Lab did.)


Reverie: An Odd Sim Date - A very odd sim date indeed~

This dating sim... I have no words with how to introduce you to it. Just that; that's it's very odd, and not like what you'd think a dating sim is supposed to be. Okay, for one, it's for girls. (There seriously needs to be more dating sims for girls on here; good ones) But, then again, it being so odd, it probably doesn't *have* to be for girls, because it's not even really for you, as a girl gamer.
This isn't a dating sim; it's more like an interactive story. Because you're not playing as *YOU*. You're playing as troubled girl named Asuka who has a deep story that is revealed piece by piece by playing for each suitor (best in a specific order) and their two endings. Now this bothered me at first, since I like to play dating sims as myself. What also bothered me was that it left a lot in the dark. You really did need some hand-holding to have a successful playthrough, hence the reason for the giving codes in the flash description and making the Library in the game. It took me several tries to make it to an ending.

And, well, my ending wasn't the best; but I guess that's what I get for giving my heart away~</3

To be fair, this is probably the ending I'd get if I were me myself.

But to get the whole experience of this game, to make sense of it's bizarre story, you *have* to playthrough in that right order. It took me a while, replaying over and over and sometimes using codes, and grinding.. (which made me feel like a save option might've been nice, but some codes take care of that) ..but in the end?? Experiencing every snippet of story and seeing the final True Ending?? It. Was. Beautiful.

I cried.

This was such an experience for me. A game that was really more of a story. An art style that had me scoffing at first but really is gorgeous and all its own. And the MUSIC! The main theme that plays while you're in the house?? Oh my goodness, it's simple but lovely but menacing.. all of it very odd; and that's what made it so memorable.

(Time to try her other game, Where the Adabanas Grow~)


The Hot:

Unfaithful Mrs. Claus - Finally, Christmas comes for Mrs. Claus~

This was funny, cute, and hot! ^w^ The point is that you (Mrs. Claus or the elf, depending on how you wanna look at it) are trying to have some sweet Christmas sexings literally behind Santa Claus's back. And lemme tell you, he's diligent. Really, if he really wanted to keep her attention, maybe he should be the one giving her sex and not be so lazy, sitting aside with that gruff face and camping. I'm not trying to be mean, but.. Mrs. Claus has an overly sexy body and *huge* tits. Not my thing, but if you have a wife that hot, you either gotta keep her satisfied or not get pissed if she goes somewhere else because of your lack of attention.

Alas, Mrs. Claus and that horny elf have to be super careful~
It may be hard, as many reviewers have said, but you know what? ^7^ It's worth it! Hot with its animations, and cutely funny in how quickly the secret lovers can go from sucking-and-sexing to nonchalantly-doing-nothing.

Great game! ^w^ I'll be sure to play again as Christmas comes a little closer~


Hitomi Senpai - Not only is this hot, as in new, but it is pretty hot.

I was attracted to this not for its content or icon (Ughh.. not another bigtit flash; I don't go for big tits, or women for that matter) but what attracted me was the name. o^_^o Heehee.. I've had a couple of people call me Senpai, including my new apartment roomie. I'm only his Senpai by like a month and a half, but he likes to use to title to my annoyance (and hidden pleasure).

So! What about the game??
Loved the main boy so freaking much! A boy who is horny for me, but isn't a douchebag about it. So very attracted, but trying not to objectify me, genuinely feeling for me. ^w^ It makes the sex all the better~<3

My only issue was the big tits. In the fourth sex animation, their physics was just comical. Oh, my body's down here, that means they have to be up here! No bounce or jiggle or anything, just a freaking see-saw of stiff boob meat. Yech.

Oh, but the issue most had with it was the archery mini-game in the beginning. For me?? Not at all! ^7^ I got 93 out of 100 in my first and only playthrough! Oh, my proof?? ^^;; Well, I have a screenshot.. but I'll have to edit it in my post later. Ehehe.. my image file's saved on my work computer, ehehe...

EDIT: Yay, we have an image!
Told you~ (And I didn't even need that much; I just bought the last two animations. Penetration was all I wanted <3)

If I can get 93 points on my first try with them obscenely huge knockers (seriously, blech) than so can you. Cute and hot story, building up to some hot steamy sexings; how could I not love this game? 

Lol, and a couple of hilarious honorable mentions are: Attack of the Giant Penises and Fuck Mr. Hatcher XD LMAO!!


OMG! How can I forget! XD BREEDING SEASON!!

I've only really just started this game, but I love it so!

Well, okay, I had some issue with how most of the townsfolk of your very special ranch are hot chicks, and that the one 'antagonist' chick isn't as sexy (enforcing stereotypes).. but you know what?!? This farm I'm running is to harvest... are you ready for this??... monster cum <3
This is game where I interact with a village of NPCs, and run a farm to pay bills, and the way to harvest my farm's main product to pay said bills is to sexually interact with monsters?? ^7^ This is a dream come true!! It's Harvest Moon meets my monster fantasies! (I'd've loved a Pokemon or Monster Rancher game like this, but I guess it's Breeding Season for me!)
Oh, you better believe I'm in love with this game and its concept. As soon as I could, I filled up my farm with the available male monsters and made with harvesting.

Hey, I'm someone who likes to pay her bills on time~ ;)

And thankfully, this game gives me options! You can choose your kinks and fetishes, and choose what you'd rather not take part in! So, in my playthrough, I've opted out of Lesbo stuff and Futa stuff. (Not my thing, as you guys know by now, surely~) Ah! ^w^ and I get to play as a chick! My only problem is that I just wish, I JUST WISH, I could change my hair to black.

Oh well, I guess this dark-haired cat-girl can help me with that, just a bit~

Well, this game is still in development, apparently, so there's hope on the horizon ^w^ that maybe truly I can be the Monster Breeder I've always dreamed to be <3

Oh Monster Breeder, I'm so glad I met you~<3


Hope you liked this sharing of these games! ^_^ Have you tried any of them? What was your experience with them? And if you haven't, why not give them a try~

See you next Sunday~!! <3

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