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To the unaware I appear as a nice-yet-hardcore gamer fangirl, but in truth, I've a secret agenda. I have a reputation of gaming, designing, roleplaying, cybering, and drawing both cute & erotic art. *bow* I am programmed to serve and I aim to delight~


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This is a Valentine's Day gift to my dear friend Crazyewolf, who spoke with me long ago about my expression of love in my art and blogs, and made quite the suposition; that I was a succubus. Don't worry; it wasn't an insult, and no offense was taken. I gave him a general response, but promised a more detailed explanation. So finally, I give my answer as to why I disagree. Join us, will you? ^_^ and you'll get to learn a bit about me, and the way I love~

So, could I be a succubus?


A What Now??

A succubus; we all know what that is. A female demon, usually very attractive, who preys on and seduces men to drain their souls with aggressive sexual activity. Sucks 'em dry, to put it curtly. They're predators, parasites; feeding off men.. and as sexually appealing and accommodating as they might be (to weak one-track-minded men who damn the consequences).. I have to disagree with any ideas that I am one~

Why Could I Not Be a Succubus?


Well, apart from the obvious fact that I'm not a demon, let's look at a Succubus's traits that I don't share~
Quite frankly, I'm not out to seduce men. I don't care for short-term hook-ups or one-night stands or the "casual" scene. I have absolutely no wish to devour a love interest, or use them up in any way for my own gain and his complete loss. It's.. malicious, sadistic, evil.. and I just could never do it.


Why the Confusion?


Why might someone confuse me with a Succubus? Well...
Succubi are very manipulative. They need to be in order to keep their prey under their control. Thanks to my personality, I have my special standards and preferences, and I can enforce them pretty strictly. I reserve myself heavily, and am very selective of my possible loves, and when I do let someone into my presence, even then I have strict guidelines that they must adhere to. This also requires some.. training. Control~ Not to mention, I can sometimes be very persuasive, and I'm told that I can be very charming.
Again, I don't use these to control men like a Succubus would do so gleefully. There's no malice in how I handle my love(s); promise~


Maybe it's my sensuality and devotion to the pleasure of my love(s). Well, here's a big difference; the erotic things you see me post here aren't shared to entrap men, but simply to express myself. (My true fans know I don't care for the male gaze or fan service.) I have my thoughts, and I manifest them either through erotic drawings or stories, wishing to express my feelings. It's a creative release~ And when my friends or fans let me know that they can feel the pleasure behind my works, I'm just the happiest artist you could ever meet.
There are enough females among Newgrounds who play it sexy and post pictures to rack up fans; that's not why I share my sensuality. I just.. am~

So Then, What Am I???


I like to think of myself more like.. a Mermaid.

171887_145559271672_BrowserPreview_tmp4.gif 171887_145559278532_BrowserPreview_tmp0.gif 171887_145559283131_BrowserPreview_tmp8.gif

Mermaids can be entrancing, they can be sensual; but they're not inherently evil like a Succubus is.
(Also, they're really only graceful in their element, and it's hard for humans to get them as they live in their own world)
(( story of my life ))

As told in sailor's stories, more often than not, Mermaids can prevent or give warning to disaster with their precognition, and were also known for rescuing poor souls who fell overboard. Enlightening and nurturing.. like I tend to be. ^^ Yes, as controlling as I can be, and as sensual as I can be, I use these traits to be more.. loving, guiding, and comforting <3<3<3


Can mermaids go dark? Can they be dangerous? Oh yes, of course they can. Some use their lovely songs and looks to charm humans to their doom, be it through drowning or shipwreck. Like with humans, there can be bad ones, and there can be good ones.


Additionally, Mermaids are a little.. possessive.. and that may be the trait I mostly share with a Succubus, leading to the confusion. 

171887_145559445393_BrowserPreview_tmp9.gif 171887_145559604951_BrowserPreview_tmp5.gif

However, I would never want to be so possessive to the point of harming my love, or devoiding him of his life or what he holds precious. But once my love is mine, I like to keep him mine. (same sometimes happens with fans, sorry.) Oh, but make no mistake; my form of love isn't one-sided. My perfect love will be just as possessed by me as I would be by him. I want every square inch of his body to be mine, and I want every square inch of mine to be his. His pleasure is my pleasure, and vice versa.. ^-^ but you guys know that already, don'tcha~?
Everything we do together, pain or pleasure or peace, should be shared with each other entirely, and only each other~ <3


Some might find that a bit dark, but I like to think of it more as deep. I haven't quite gotten to achieve this perfect love yet; my past loves not being able to match me in devotion. Thankfully, most of us have ended on good terms. (A past friend of mine even got me chocolates this year despite us not being together anymore.) Others who just don't get it leave bitter. *Sigh* Maybe some day~
You know what, though? There was a time I did fear I was something of a Succubus, or what I thought of more as an Emotional Vampire of sorts. Why? Well, because I tended to date weaker guys, and my love would overpower them, and it would seem like they were drained afterwards, and oh, I kicked myself for it. (Also, as was often the case, my giving personality meant I gave alot and they took a lot, but I received nothing in return. Those relationships sucked.) But I've since come to realize how deep I love, and how magical it really is. So I am selective of whom I actually pursue a relationship with. For both our sakes~

Interesting tidbit; in the image above, the evil mermaid shows her possessiveness by holding her dead love's disembodied head. ^w^ I've realized that I've done a couple of similar artworks like this- (my No More Sunshine one for example) -and one of my favorite music videos has this visual as well.. by the way, the song is also called "Possession".

Oh dear, I'm not helping my case here, huh?


Rest assured >w< I have no desire to behead my loves. I find a person's face & head to be the most identifying and meaningful piece of a person, and anything gruesome happening to either of those are the things of my nightmares. Though I suppose, if my love were to lose his head, I suppose the only thing left I could do to comfort him then *would* be to hold them against my bosom, close to my still beating heart, forever and ever~~~

... oh, for--

Don't worry your pretty little head anymore, dearest fans and beloved Wolfy. I'm not a Succubus. I'm a Mermaid.
You will survive.. most likely~


(~most likely cause of passing would be drowning.. so bring scuba gear LOL~)


Mermaid images are from Petshop of Horrors anime and manga, episode "Delicious"

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