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To the unaware I appear as a nice-yet-hardcore gamer fangirl, but in truth, I've a secret agenda. I have a reputation of gaming, designing, roleplaying, cybering, and drawing both cute & erotic art. *bow* I am programmed to serve and I aim to delight~

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You've been patient, and now here's the long awaited introduction to my SIlent Hill persona.

Who is this fair-faced peacefully-plump lady you've seen submitting oh-so-willingly to the fearsome monsters of the Silent Hill series? What's her story? Where did she come from?

Her name is Beata, and she's from my story which I called Valtiel's Priestesses, as a self-insert OC I created to exist during the timeline of the SIlent Hill game series. And you might find it interesting to know.. she's not the only one. Beata is one of four young ladies who, as far back as they can remember, have only lived their lives devoted to the Order.


 From the right; we have Tayvia, Maritza, Lacey, and Beata~

However, their story actually begins a little back further...

Silent Hill Origins~

The stranger to the town, Travis Grady, rescues young Alessa from being forced by the Order to birth their God. She in turn split her soul in half to thwart the Order's plan, hoping to find a happy childhood elsewhere; leaving a barely-alive Alessa behind in bandages, and sending out a baby named Cheryl. As we all know, Cheryl was found by the kind Harry Mason, who found her on the side of the road and adopted her as his daughter. However, at first, the Order didn't quite know it, and Dahlia, having been the strongest pursuer of God's birth, made a hasty move.

In her impatience, Dahlia sent out henchmen of the Order to the reaches of nearby towns. Their mission; find any baby girls, foundling or orphan, and bring them back to Silent Hill. Surely, Cheryl had to be one of them. Shortly after her order, Dahlia found out that Cheryl had been taken by Harry. Then with a calmer mind, she schemed to bring her back by way of a summoning spell, joining the two halves to make Alessa whole. It would take a long time however.. But she had forgotten something.. and by then it was too late.

The henchmen returned with 4 kidnapped infants. 4 girls that had nothing to do with Silent Hill or its Order. However, thinking to make the best of a bad situation.. Dahlia decided to have them raised in the Order, and maybe.. just maybe.. they could be sacrificed the same way Alessa was, and be made pregnant with God instead. Sure, Alessa was the only one able to survive the process, of being immolated, thanks to her magical abilities she had since birth... and the ceremony hadn't been successful thus far.. but maybe they would survive~

Silent Hill 1~

So, the 4 girls were raised up as young devoted believers of the Order, being indoctrinated so strongly that they were joyfully awaiting for their approaching sacrificial ceremony that would take place on their 7th year. Willing and excited. However, just before their ceremony could be, Cheryl returned to Silent Hill. With Alessa back, the events of Silent Hill 1, and the following death of Dahlia, the girls were no longer being prepped up to for the glorious honor they were awaiting. How disappointed they were.. ..all these years of anticipating the chance to be pregnant with God, just to be saved from the fires by the arrival of the real mother of God.. ..that when Alessa recreated her soul once more to escape again as a baby, the 4 girls found themselves resenting her. Their dreams were shattered, and they deemed Alessa ungrateful.

Alessa was taken again by Harry Mason to be his daughter, to live happily ever after. But what of the girls? No longer being groomed to be Divine Mothers, they were instead to be raised as simple ladies of the Order. They wouldn't be without a role model, though. Dahlia being gone, it was Claudia who then took them under her wing, to raise them into devout young priestesses. WIth the true loss of her best friend Alessa, maybe this time Claudia could be the older sister mentor for once. The one giving orders~

171887_142648493251_Claudia.png    171887_142648496583_VincentFull.png

After all, the girls would need all the upbringing from Claudia they could get. The Order was on the verge of disbanding for years afterwards, and the one who would revive it was the new, young, but worldly, priest Father Vincent.. and Claudia would not have her 4 little sisters corrupted by him. No, she could mold them into good priestesses.. like her~

Indeed, in time, the 4 girls grew up with the Order, dressing and conducting themselves like Claudia, but still with their distinct personalities. Some shared Claudia's strict religious views, and some strayed more to the new priest Vincent's radical ideas.. but for certain, these 4 priestesses never let go of their resentment of Alessa.. who, after 17 years, would come back as a confused teen named Heather.

Beata.. had grown into a devout, sweet priestess of 24 years old. She dedicated herself not just to the studies of the Order, but also to the service and care of others. Trusting and faithful, she was one Claudia could depend on to not stray. With the church being run by Father Vincent, who didn't quite share her religious views, she was glad to have one as pleasantly obedient as Beata. (Father Vincent might even call her naive). While she wasn't Claudia's favorite, it was a comfort to be listened to, unlike the other 3 who seemed to stray in their own ways.

However, Beata did have her own secret hidden agenda, too.

Unknown to Claudia, Beata devoted a lot of her time in reading older forgotten texts written on the subject of the Divine Mother.. and Divine Father. The virginal priestess became enamoured with these, as they seemed to say quite clearly that God was meant to be birthed by a mother and father, and especially out of a bond of love. Not hatred and pain like the Order seemed to believe.. like Claudia believed. This was a very different idea, and she truly felt in her heart it was the right way.

With her knowledge of the church's books and her eager intelligence, she grew a passionate hunger for the divine union she read about over and over. In fact, she even began to theorize who was supposed to be the Divine Father.. narrowing the candidate down to a member of the Order.. and fantasized of what it would be like to be with him.. Maybe then, she'd become that Divine Mother.. or at least she could feel like one~

Now, she could never share these thoughts with Claudia. While she was a mentor, she knew she'd never approve of these desires. Perhaps, she felt, Father Vincent would be a better person to confess these thoughts to. After all, he was a priest of the Order. Who else could she trust with such sensitive, intimate feelings?


"So wait, who did Beata hypothesize to be the Divine Father? What of Father Vincent? What about when Heather returns in SIlent Hill 3?? Also, what about her outfit (or lack of) in her Monster pictures? Where's she's wearing nothing but straps binding her legs? And floating??" I hear you ask.

Well, you know how Silent Hill has a way of revealing more about the persons inside it? Let's just say a lot is shown of her, to Heather, and to you viewers, the deeper we get into this story.
Her Fogworld appearance, her Otherworld form, and one last that reveals more than anyone could have ever imagined... shall be revealed in the Part 2 of this post! Coming to you one sweet Sunday!

Wish to be informed when it comes out? Desire to see more of this character Beata? Well, if you haven't yet, please follow me to keep updated, and you may read my previous MLWSHM posts~

Have a wonderful week everybody~!
( Hope you liked my story so far!! )


The 4 girlies are (c) by me ^_^
Silent Hll (c) Konami

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