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To the unaware, I appear as a nice-yet-hardcore gamer girl, but in truth, I've a secret agenda. I have a reputation of gaming, roleplaying, cybering, and drawing both cute and erotic art. *bow* I am programmed to serve and I aim to delight~

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Happy Labor Day, all~!
Here's my latest preview sketch of my 'Making Love With Silent Hill Monsters' series, hinted at some posts ago, and to give tribute to one of my favorite hard-working loves; starring myself and...


from Silent Hill 3 (and the game series' general mythos)

Those of you who have played Silent Hill 3 know that the whole plot revolves around the cult from Silent Hill wishing to make Heather give birth to God, as she is the 'reincarnation' of Alessa, who was meant to birth God in Silent Hill 1. Thus, she naturally has God resting inside her, dormant, and the cult believes that the only way to birth God is to nurture it with suffering and anger. So their priestess Claudia Wolf makes it her mission to cause Heather pain by killing someone *SPOILER*, summoning her back to Silent Hill on a quest for vengeance, where she can then force her to give birth to the God they've been waiting for all these years.

As you might have noticed, Valtiel has been hardly mentioned in my post so far. That's because he is more of a passive role, important in backstory and the cult's mythos, but not seen too much front and center.

At least, not in the foreground. Valtiel however makes many appearances in the background.

Valtiel is first seen the first time Heather shifts into the Otherworld. While she's in a fenced elevator, he can be seen stalking about inside the elevator shaft, crawling up the tiled walls, walking down them.. Forwards? Backwards? It's hard to tell sometimes, with his contorted body and twitching featureless head. Afterwards, appears alongside Heather's path and can be seen in the back as you explore the Otherworld, hunched over and cranking valves, creeping about the spaces between walls, even seen torturing the game's nurses by holding their legs and suspending them over ledges and chasms. It's hard to tell whether he's leading or following Heather, or both, but it becomes obvious that he has attached himself to Heather's quest.

Actually, I lied. The first time you, the player, see him, is in the game intro; cranking a gear under the feet of the two hanging bodies of Alessa and Cheryl... To understand why, we have to ask; who is Valtiel?

Valtiel is a sort of demi-god of the cult. His name means "attendant/valet", making him the "Attendant of God". So why stalk Heather? Well, because he has a quest of his own, and she's not necessarily the object of his attention. He is overseeing the birth of God, keeping an eye on she who would birth him, and he will see it to completion. In fact, he does at the end.. ((though not in the way you might be thinking, MWAHAHAHAHA!!))

How dedicated is he?? Oh, so very. In fact, if Heather should die in certain places, you get a special Game Over screen. You see Heather lying dead on the floor, which you never do usually, but it doesn't end there. Then the player sees Valtiel enter the scene, no longer in hiding, approaching her.. then takes hold of her by the feet.. and then drags her away.. to restart the cycle.. Diligently and dutifully, he will see that God is born.

What's not to find attractive about a devoted demi-god.. with his lean form following me always, obsessively.. his booted feet swift to follow and his gloved hands wringing to work.. his head twitching in want and his hidden tongue whipping about.. Oh! I forgot to mention; while he doesn't really have a face, he does have a mouth.. hidden in the back of his head.. where you will find a long thin tongue~ (that explains the picture a little, doesn't it?)

And now, there's more that I like about him, but after learning about him, you must wonder; what would a demi-god, whose attention is only given to God, want with my person?? Well, this is thanks to a theory I read long ago, tying him to the plot of Silent Hill 3 a lot more than just a figure stalking in the shadows, but also a figure in the foreground. And in my fanfic which features this theory and my SIlent Hill persona, it is conceiveable.. (<-- like what I did there?)

Now this is only half of the story of Valtiel. What about the other theoretical half?? Well, I'm planning to share him in another sketch, but it will have to wait. One, because it involves a human (amidst all these monsters) and two, we have someone in queue who is loooong overdue.
Who stalked us first?
Who, unlike Valtiel, instantly filled us with fear for our lives, men and women alike? But especially the nurses? Because, they know, not only would they be tortured, but most certainly killed at the end?

Follow me and see for yourself next time!! ^w^ Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this installment of "Making Love with Silent Hill Monsters"!!


Silent Hill series (c) Konami

Artwork (c) Me, CyberB~

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