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To the unaware I appear as a nice-yet-hardcore gamer fangirl, but in truth, I've a secret agenda. I have a reputation of gaming, designing, roleplaying, cybering, and drawing both cute & erotic art. *bow* I am programmed to serve and I aim to delight~


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Catching Up with Cyber-B ~

2016-01-24 01:59:17 by Cyber-B

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everybody!

I know I know. "Forgive me for my silence, or absence, or delay" right? Believe me, I meant to post a blog every weekend, but found myself being too busy to make any of them. So, rather than having more ideas clump up until I can't plan ahead clearly, I'm just going to spout it all here and now, then we can move on with our lives. Kay? Kay~

So, what's been on my mind these several weeks? Well ^7^ Let's see, shall we~?


** Saw the Star Wars Movie! - (Dec 18th) **

On that Sunday, my parents and I went and saw the new Star Wars movie ^7^ and my inner-Star Wars fan was just ecstatic, thinking to playing my old Star Wars games again, and made me have a trip down memory lane as I thought about my longtime Star Wars OC.. Mor'Be Kartur~
... Oh, what did I think of the movie? It was good. Really good~

Mor'Be~ Quite possibly my oldest OC/FC, being roughly created back in maybe 1996, created out of my love for the original trilogy, especially Return of the Jedi. Mor'Be and herstory would change a bit through the years of movies, and games, but these facts were solid: She was a green-ish Twi'lek who had some Force sensitivity but would first have to live the life of a servant and performer before she would be discovered by both sides of the Force; her choices would be her own.^_^ Yea, this character carried me through artworks, roleplays, RPGs, IMVU, and especially onward to my anticipation of playing a Consular in Star Wars Old Republic~
171887_145359679162_TwilekdollsbyMe.png 171887_145359681353_60685269347077e153f5b1.jpg 171887_145359683441_473112585470a3a8d07dbc.png 171887_145359685211_715423006470780111f05e.png 171887_145360876152_morincswimheadtails.jpg 171887_145360880143_morbio.jpg 171887_145360403671_twine.png 171887_145360911793_morbeandoriadne.png 171887_145360915252_morpossiblecompanions.jpg 171887_145360917033_moramanincompanion.jpg 171887_145359694051_morbeswtorlegacy.jpg ... When I finally got to play SWTOR, it ws a dream come true~<3 (Sadly I couldn't make her have an Amanin companion or look exactly like I imagined, but it was still so perfectly awesome!)
((Oh man! I had a few ero-sketches of her, and ideas; curse my pervy creative perfectionist procrastinating mind!))  

In fact, all this remembering of Mor'Be made me think to list all my other OCs. Don't worry, that won't be posted here. That will be on my DeviantArt blog. ^w^ I think sharing Mor'Be, Beata, my Fallout/Vault self, and especially Princess Boo B has been plenty for Newgrounds. Of course, though, you may also get glimpses of other ones if I upload any more erotic sketches starring them. Here's hoping! (Geez, my Fable 3 player character's drawings are long overdue~)

** Christmas Presents!! - (Dec 24-25) **

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season <3 and thank you to you dear friends who wished me a Merry Christmas! (<3) I got myself a handful of gifts ^_^ but I just wanted to show these two especially, as you know my affinity to the Super Mario-verse and the Silent Hill-verse.

A Bowser Jr. amiibo (I like to play as Iggy too! <3) 171887_145360389913_gifts-bowserjr.jpg
 171887_145360392331_gifts-shcards.jpg - Silent Hill Homecoming playing cards (Look! It's my love, the Needler <3) 
I just love these two games' series, and I know I still have a lot more fanart to make and finish of them. Thank you all for liking the ones I've done and for sticking with me for my next ones~
(Love you guys~! <3)

** The Loss of David Bowie & Alan Rickman - (Jan 11-14) **

You have no idea~!!! T-T I was so heartbroken, as both were beloved male celebrities/actors/artists in my life. I'm still not quite over it </3. I mean, you don't even know how much I loved Alan Rickman for so many years (as Snape and other roles), and same with David Bowie which experienced a revival when I discovered his character Lord Royal Highness (LRH). So, when these two passed, my week was completely devoid of morale. Mix that with the cold weather, and I could just stay buried in my bed for the rest of the week.. and I pretty much did.

171887_145361875522_tumblr_mjd726WNnG1qgufhgo1_400.gif 171887_145361875521_tumblr_ms5dfiDEi71su7sauo1_500.gif

And I got the bad news, both times, while on break at work! X3 I mean-  83.. Oh hey, speaking of that~

171887_145360386952_n.jpgGood-bye, my dear loves. You two moved me beyond words, and I'll try to move on. Now, on to happier news~

** Got Hired! Now for realsies! (Jan 18-22) **

Yups! Remember that seasonal job I've been on since moving to Tampa? Well ^^ Versus several other applicants, I made the cut and was offered a full-time permanent position. (Okay, not permanent, but you know what I mean~) 

Of course that means that now I'll no longer be working with my same crew, now going to another department. Sad, but not only did we all create so many memories, but we also ended the last day with fun times. ^_^ Getting out early and all having a sweet lunch outside. Hope we can stay in contact from now and have more friendly outings in the future.
171887_145361753952_workfriendsbw.jpg To commemorate our camaraderie, I got to digitally doodling a group picture. A drawing of me and my co-workers, on a ship. (yea, there's a plot to it, coming to comic stores never~) Wouldn't be my first time drawing myself with class/work mates. I guess I just love drawing my comrades. What can I say, I feel that everyone I encounter are just such characters~)
A pen doodle of university classmates -> 171887_145361760891_unifriendsqa.jpg (Guess who I am in both pics~)

** And we're done, and dealing with the now~ **

Other than all that, I've been playing Fallout 4 & OctoDad & Stanley Parable, watching all of GameGrumps' Sonic episodes, starting an awesome roleplay with a good friend, being whisked away to family events, helping my ex-roommate find a place to live, and trying to figure out what will I post when I get 100 fans, so I may best delight my fans, old and new~

Guys ^_^ Sincerely, you made 2015 awesome for me with all your support, and I hope to keep delighting you with this new year. Laters~!!! 

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